Cindy Lauper - Time after time...

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
and think of you
caught up in circles confusion--
is nothing new
Flashback--warm nights--
almost left behind
suitcases of memories,
time after--

sometimes you picture me--
I'm walking too far ahead
you're calling to me, I can't hear
what you've said--
Then you say--go slow--
I fall behind--
the second hand unwinds

if you're lost you can look--and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting
time after time

after my picture fades and darkness has
turned to gray
watching through windows--you're wondering
if I'm OK
secrets stolen from deep inside
the drum beats out of time--

if you're lost...

you said go slow--
I fall behind
the second hand unwinds--

chorus:if you're lost...
...time after time
time after time
time after time
time after time

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ou comment déprimer toute seule ^^ ... hem.

Écrit par : Sekline | 09/02/2008

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